SAM Charter – C-Suite Cheat Sheet

C-Suite Cheat Sheet   Aligning business and IT goals to those of your SAM/ ITAM implementation will be pivotal to long-lasting success. Securing that buy-in from those in authority will be that much easier with this pdf of tips and tricks at your disposal.

SAM Policy Template

Introduction: Your SAM Policy Template: Many of the issues that can plague SAM results from the failure of a company to align its IT operations and Business strategies.  We have put together a series of headings that you might wish to include in your ITAM/ SAM policy document.  This should help qualify the “why” behind… Continue reading SAM Policy Template


SAM can save the day

SAM & HIPAA – How HIPAA can lean in…. SAM & HIPAA: An Introduction: One topic that is dear to all our hearts (and the rest of our body!) is that of health, and the management of our health.  Like any other aspect of life today, technology and data management can determine a positive or… Continue reading SAM & HIPAA

NASA’s HAM Sandwich Nightmare

NASA's HAM Sandwich Nightmare

Introduction: NASA’s HAM Sandwich Nightmare:  With the recent launch of the latest Raspberry Pi, comes a story of “shadow IT” rearing its ugly head in California:  NASA’s jet propulsion lab in Pasadena lost 500 Mb of data – just 23 files; not the hugest amount of data I hear you cry, but size isn’t everything: … Continue reading NASA’s HAM Sandwich Nightmare

Cloud Asset Manager – A New role for ITAM?

Cloud Asset Manager - A New role for ITAM?

Cloud Asset Manager – A New role for ITAM? I recently published a blog on LinkedIn (which you can find here) where I spoke about the IT Asset Management Skills shortage and whether it’s a bigger problem than we think. I had some positive feedback and messages, but one stood out. “Do you think that… Continue reading Cloud Asset Manager – A New role for ITAM?

Software Asset Management – What’s missing?

Seemingly a life-time ago, I was sailing the high seas on HMS Nottingham – a Type 42 Destroyer. As a member of the white mafia (aka the Supply & Secretariat Branch) it was my job to grease the wheels in respect of all matters administrative. It just so happened that the location of the Ship’s… Continue reading Software Asset Management – What’s missing?

SAM Audit Survival

SAM Audit Survival

SAM Audit Survival – let’s go! Software Asset Management (SAM) professionals are used to audits. External vendor audits, ‘SAM/Compliance Engagements’ or visits from the likes of the Business Software Alliance (BSA) are part and parcel of a SAM professional’s life. What SAM professionals are less used to is an audit of their function as part… Continue reading SAM Audit Survival

Contract Management

Contract Management

With SAM and contract management, we can lose sight of what’s important to the business.  Particularly if we are chasing an implementation to generate ELP’s for vendors we fear will come knocking asap. If you wish to do something that could help your SAM situation, then a strategic vendor-audit approach could help greatly. A client… Continue reading Contract Management