SAM Charter Process Kit

SAM Process Kit – Introduction:

It’s been a while since I put pen to paper in respect of the process kit, so I thought it would be worthwhile jotting down a few notes to let you know what’s changed, and what changes are coming!

SAM Process Kit

Since going on sale, the praise for the process kit has been glowing – which is hugely rewarding and very humbling at the same time.  The number of light bulb moments that it has inspired in companies around the world has resulted in better run IT estates, and companies not relying merely on the installation of a SAM suite to “do SAM”.

And it’s the seemingly simple steps that can offer real rewards:  Implementing a software recycling process for a client in the UK with 5,000 seats highlighted cost-avoidance figures of circa £200,000 – just by recycling two desktop titles!  Imagine the cost-avoidance that could be realised if they took on all the titles for a vendor, or even the whole IT estate?!

I use the process kit for all my consultative engagements, and the nicest thing I see from using the kit is how non-IT staff relate to the process flows and the “why” behind the “what” of what we are seeking to achieve becomes logical and obvious for all to see.  The politics involved in running IT fades away once we start to deconstruct ambitions to primary and secondary objectives and package them in bite-sized process chunks.

The suggestion by Kylie Fowler of ITAM Intelligence to create a Hardware Asset Management Process Kit set us on the path of a wonderful collaboration, and spawned ideas for further process kits.  Right now, we are overhauling the SAM kit to be in line with ISO 19770-1: 2017, which will be followed up with a process kit dedicated to the Cloud, as well as a publication focussed on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and their value in achieving quality ITAM.  Alignment of the process kit to Snow Licence Manager and another publication on the specifics of the processes around managing Microsoft are in the pipeline.

SAM Process KitBonus Material!!

Although the text currently talks of 35 HAM & SAM processes on offer, as a bonus (and part of the rolling development/ maturity of the process kit) we have two additional SAM based processes to help get you on your way:  Invitation To Tender Process and Contract Termination Process – as my salesman-father used to say “never accept the first offer”, and so having a means by which to objectively compare prices for software contracts that can spiral into 8 figures is a prudent thing to do.  At the opposite end of the spectrum, having a tactical and strategic approach to the termination of software contracts is another demonstration of prudence – as this often acts as a trigger to a vendor audit.

The kit provides jpegs and MS Visio maps which you can customise, and using the ARIS approach to modelling forces you to consider the data, technology and personnel required for all function steps.  Where a lot of practices similar to ours fall down, is when they fail to consider how the processes interact with each other.  We have managed to demonstrate how the SAM processes can fit together in our Template SAM Eco-System.

Data passes from one process to the next, so we can see how the strategic influences the operational, and how a cycle of continuous improvement will drive your company up the SAM/ ITAM Maturity curve.

SAM Process Kit – Conclusion

You’ve paid for a SAM Suite; you’re paying for your staff/ contractors to use your technology; it’s time to pay for the processes that brings these two vital resources together.  You could attempt to create your own processes, but that will be a saga of trial and error.  Our Process Kit will save you money and save you time – and make your SAM/ITAM function zing!

Head over to the SAM Process Kit page now to turbo-charge your ITAM experience

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