Year: 2019

Hang Ten with HCL…..

Hang Ten with HCL.  News on the grapevine is that HCL are wasting little time in seeking to make good on their purchases of IBM titles from last year. (see our blog IBM & HCL – just who owns what?) US marketing material from HCL is reaching the in-boxes for Big Fix users promoting patching… Continue reading Hang Ten with HCL…..

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ITSM: Breaking Down the Jargon

ITSM - Breaking down the Jargon - SAM Charter

In this blog, we look to tackle ITSM: Breaking down the Jargon, so you can move forward with better Service Management practices. The purpose of an IT Service Management (ITSM) solution is to ensure that the IT team of the organization has a streamlined process and is efficient in solving the IT issues that arise.… Continue reading ITSM: Breaking Down the Jargon

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CRM is Customer Relationship Management. A CRM system brings the customer’s complete history with your business exists with a list of your emails, notes, and appointments in one unit. Companies can gain real-time notifications when customers perform a significant activity—like when they click on a link in your email. It is a goldmine of information… Continue reading 13 FACTORS WHEN CHOOSING A CRM Suite

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SAM Policy Template

Introduction: Your SAM Policy Template: Many of the issues that can plague SAM results from the failure of a company to align its IT operations and Business strategies.  We have put together a series of headings that you might wish to include in your ITAM/ SAM policy document.  This should help qualify the “why” behind… Continue reading SAM Policy Template


SAM can save the day

SAM & HIPAA – How HIPAA can lean in…. SAM & HIPAA: An Introduction: One topic that is dear to all our hearts (and the rest of our body!) is that of health, and the management of our health.  Like any other aspect of life today, technology and data management can determine a positive or… Continue reading SAM & HIPAA

NASA’s HAM Sandwich Nightmare

NASA's HAM Sandwich Nightmare

Introduction: NASA’s HAM Sandwich Nightmare:  With the recent launch of the latest Raspberry Pi, comes a story of “shadow IT” rearing its ugly head in California:  NASA’s jet propulsion lab in Pasadena lost 500 Mb of data – just 23 files; not the hugest amount of data I hear you cry, but size isn’t everything: … Continue reading NASA’s HAM Sandwich Nightmare

Success is a culture not a vacancy

Introduction Success is a culture not a vacancy #mikedrop. I’ve noticed over the last 12-18 months a trend within the job market to slip the word “success” into someone’s job title, and this led me to comment in a WhatsApp group concerning a particular appointment that was posted on LinkedIn. One observation that caught my… Continue reading Success is a culture not a vacancy