Year: 2013

Process of the Month: Maintaining a Supported Software Catalogue.

This is another one of those lightning blogs to promote an article I have recently penned for ITAM Review. “Software sprawl” is a phrase I have heard recently in respect of taking charge of your software estate; and that concept of ring-fencing your Software Asset Management efforts is applicable not just to those emergency …

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Savings as a Service

I was recently at a BCS Software Asset Management Networking event, and the time-honoured spectre of cost-savings raised its head. Paul Davis of Merlin Corp Ltd raised the question during a presentation given by Greg Holmes of Flexera: Why don’t Software Asset Management Consultancies/Vendors lead with a “Savings as a Service” delivery model? Due to …

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Interesting Times

Hi again, This is just a quick note to inform you of a slight change of tack for me – 1E recently approached me to help build their ITAM Services offering. I was flattered! And so, started working for them on 29th Oct. What persuaded me to consider such a position was the objectivity with …

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alt="Rory Canavan, CEO of SAM Charter sitting in an office in a suit and tie, smiling into the camera"

A New Photo

This is going to be another short blog and probably very little to do with Software Asset Management. It might have slipped by you that I recently had a new photo taken for my website, as I was cringing slightly at trying to get by on 8/9/10 year old photos that weren’t suitably corporate. My …

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Process of the Month – Corporate Governance Process

Just a quick note this week to say that I have written an article for The ITAM Review which includes a process map for a Corporate Governance Process. I have written previously on the importance of Corporate Governance within Software Asset Management in this blog section but to re-iterate, Governance offers a Software Asset Management …

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Anyone for Applocker?

Some time ago, I was attending a Microsoft Licensing Boot-camp run by Directions on Microsoft.  Whilst covering off the variations of Windows 8 (Enterprise) operating system, the course tutor happened to touch on a sub-component that had previously flown by me – namely, Applocker.  In the presentation, the tutor happened to mention that Applocker can …

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