Interesting Times

Hi again,

This is just a quick note to inform you of a slight change of tack for me – 1E recently approached me to help build their ITAM Services offering.

I was flattered! And so, started working for them on 29th Oct.

What persuaded me to consider such a position was the objectivity with which the ITAM Services Division is being created; whilst all at 1E would be very happy to see their ITAM clients using 1E products, we are pragmatic enough to understand that this won’t always be the case – and so, we will be looking to lead with advice and guidance based on what’s best for the customer – not whether we can shoe-horn 1E product into a new deal.

Equally, we will be looking to shed some evolutionary light on the concept of Software Licence Optimisation and consider whether SLO is the pinnacle of Software Asset Management thinking.

More on this in due course…..!

For now though, please feel free to get in touch – SAM Charter is not going away just yet J


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