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SAM and the Bigger Picture

Has SAM been dumped on your desk? Does the prospect of understanding where SAM fits into the wider IT eco-system fill you with fear and dread? Are you thinking of changing career?!

Fear not: our founder, Rory Canavan, has taken the time to craft an engaging and legible walkthrough of many of the key aspects you should consider when looking to create a SAM function within your organisation.

Rory has been practising SAM since 2007, is a member of Working Group 21 (The group tasked with creating and promoting the ISO 19770 family of ITAM Standards) and has recently completed a major body of work creating the necessary process templates to align to ISO 19770-1: 2017.

To tap into his experience, you need do nothing more than enter your name and email address below and an email will be sent to you to enable you to download “SAM and the Bigger Picture”. You can be a powerhouse behind digital transformation and a major contributor to FinOps.

You are just a download away!

Learn too, how you can become the CFO’s new best friend. With the advent of more software moving to the cloud, billing cycles require a level of oversight no other discipline will pay attention to. With SAM and the Bigger Picture, you will gain a head start over and above those who suffer a “Death by PowerPoint” learning experience.

Finally, do not fall into the trap of thinking that SAM is nothing more than a licence compliance reporting function. You have the potential to take tired and ill-thought of reports, and craft them into something of real business and IT value. Do you want to be known for keeping the lights on? Or making the lights shine?

Be the star that you are and shine with SAM and the Bigger Picture!


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SAM and the Bigger Picture For those on the move, and whose time is too precious...