Process of the Month: Maintaining a Supported Software Catalogue.

This is another one of those lightning blogs to promote an article I have recently penned for ITAM Review.

“Software sprawl” is a phrase I have heard recently in respect of taking charge of your software estate; and that concept of ring-fencing your Software Asset Management efforts is applicable not just to those emergency software vendor-audit based assignments, but to your Software Asset Management Programme in general.

If you can limit the amount of software on your IT estate, then you can reap dividends in the following areas:

Inventory Management

PoE Discovery


End User/Technical Support


If you don’t believe you are in need of conducting this process, ask yourself:  How many versions of pdf reader software are deployed on your IT Estate?

Of those, how many people have Adobe Acrobat (or an equivalent pdf editor product) but only need it for reading pdfs?

We all like being fit, but we’re loathe to spend the time getting fit!!


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