You may not have been aware of these videos before, but SAM Charter has called upon the vocal talents of David Foxen, Janet Coetzee and Kylie Fowler to offer their own unique take on why the processes below form such an important part of SAM & ITAM.  Your thoughts on these videos would be welcomed; either on this page, or in the comments section of the YouTube pages where they reside:


The Bermuda Triangle of SAM (Version 1)

The Orphan Data Process

Joiners, Movers and Leavers Process

The Reporting Process

The Software Change Management Process

The Software Recycling Process

The Bring Your Own Device Process

The Software Request Process

Software Removal Process

Software Rationalisation Process

Supported Software Catalogue Process


12 SAM Charter Physical Audit Process

11 Hardware Asset Verification Process

10 Hardware Asset Verification Process

09 Hardware Asset Disposal Process

08 Lost and Stolen Devices Process

07 Hardware Asset Repair Proces

06 Hardware Asset Repair Process

Loan Equipment Process

Stock Management Process

Hardware Deployment Process

Hardware Purchase Process

Joiners, Movers and Leavers Process

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