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Release Management & SAM – Slickey: Rather than bang my own drum this week, I would like to draw your attention to one of the newer (and possibly less heard of) products on the marketplace called “Slickey”.

The company, co-founded by Tony Dewhurst offers a technical solution to something I don’t see too often in the marketplace these days; and that is metered license control in the deployment/release management phase of the Software Asset Management lifecycle.

Slickey validates that a license is in place PRIOR to the deployment of software; so if you wish to get proactive with Software Asset Management, and perhaps start to pull away from the traditional audit and reconciliation approach to keeping your licenses in balance then Slickey could be just the tool you are after.

Tony can be reached at: [email protected] if you have any questions/inquiries about the product.

Release Management & SAM – Slickey: STOP THE PRESS!!!!

Slickey are actively seeking willing volunteers for an early adopter program they are running – click on the link below for more details….

If you want to see where release management plays a vital role in proactive and well managed SAM, then head over to our explainer video page. The relationship between request, procurement and deployment (or release if we are following ITIL-speak) is vital to be understood if we wish to stand any chance of trusting in IT estate data.  Air-gaps between these processes will only aid a software vendor at the time of an audit.

Ultimately, where SAM Charter wishes to get a client with its process engineering is that every title that was requested has been paid for, and that every purchase can be linked to a deployment (stand-fast software in the license pool) and that every release/ deployment can be aligned to a request.  This then means that over time, we can track deployments back to requesters/ owners should the business decide to uninstall/ recycle those deployments.

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