SAM: If you could change one thing

SAM: If you could change one thing: “The lawyers are running the asylum….” and so it goes that a business that was borne in the era of free love as a hobby serves to offer us the basis of a plot for a John Grisham novel.

So I am keeping this blog short and sweet (hurrah! I hear you cry!) If you could change one thing about Software Asset Management, what would it be?

I will get the ball rolling with the practice of “bundling” software.  To my mind, if a vendor can’t get his/her act together to only provide specific keys to turn on exact products and features, then it shouldn’t be crying foul at remote evidence of installation and pointing to prohibitively binding Terms and Conditions that would require a degree in contract law to negotiate.

What would you change?

April 2023 – update:

Scary thing is, I’ve just notice the original date of publication for this blog – April 2013 – ten years ago, this month! And what a ten years it’s been.  To those of you returning to this blog:  thank you for sticking with me.  So has anything changed since my first suggestion?  Yes – oh yes! If I could change one thing in SAM, is how it appears to be at the mercy of culture.  As I am fond of quoting “Culture east Strategy for breakfast” (Peter Drucker). The number of engagements I have been on where change is requested, but rarely implemented due to fiefdoms and old ways of dong things ruling the roost is scarily high. You can read more in our blog from way back when entitled “Culture is King.”

While I am on a roll, I would also change the notion that an ELP is the be-all and end-all of SAM – it most definitely is not! If you want to see my thinking on this, please head over to our “SAM and the Bigger Picture” page.  The final chapter will rock your SAM world!

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