SAM and Software ID Tags

SAM and Software ID Tags: If we take a step back from the keyboard and think about why we put ourselves through the IT assault course that is Software Asset Management, then very quickly we can arrive at the source answers as prescribed by ISO 19770-1:

  • Risk Management
  • Cost Control
  • Competitive Advantage

Equally, we might take our thoughts to a slightly higher plain and consider the following points:

  • Knowledge
  • Empowerment
  • Control

Whilst ISO 19770-1 seeks to offer a management framework for the creation, maintenance and improvement of a software asset management system, ISO 19770-2 seeks to dip its toe into the systems element of Software Asset Management, by offering a metafile template or tag to be installed alongside installations of software that have been associated with it.

So how would such a tag help an overworked Software Asset Management/IT Manager?

Knowledge:  Most immediately, it would aid the help-desk in determining whether a support call might have been raised on a centrally deployed piece of software (or if, by absence of a tag) whether a “helpful” local IT member of staff might have circumvented protocol and installed a centrally-manage title locally.

Empowerment:  Again, from a helpdesk perspective an IT Manager can then make a judgement call as to whether that software is supported centrally, or whether the caller should be referred to local IT support (Indeed, this may not be a breach of policy, but rather an accepted management protocol; particularly handy for federated IT architectures/companies.)

Control:  At a stroke, the presence (or absence) of a tag allows an IT manager to garner business intelligence of a live IT environment that could act as a valuable interface in the BYOD labyrinth.  Do we support this support call because the person at the end of the call is an employee? or rather because the call was raised on a non-company piece of software?

If you are looking for the trail of bread crumbs to see you safely to targeted support and accurate resource allocation, then SWID tags can be a valuable aid.

SAM and Software ID Tags: For further reading on SWID tags, please see the links below:

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