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Off the back of our Whitepaper “Using SAM to Create and Maintain your CMDB” I suspect the prospect of tagging every piece of software in a retrospective capacity might be making your head spin! (Don’t – tag as you go, and then look over your shoulder at what remains)

At some point though, a progressive line in the sand is going to have to be drawn to manage SaaS deployments.  Some degree of control will need to be implemented to stop your organisation from maintaining service fees for unused software.

ITAM Process Kit

The recycling/ re-harvesting process in our ITAM process Kit seeks to do this for you.  However, this was crafted in the days when the billing cycle for software was annual in nature, and recycling could (in theory) result in a four-times saving in a given year (Microsoft’s licence mobility T&Cs stipulated an install could move once every 90 days). What we should be doing now is looking at the billing cycle in the cloud, and looking to recycle with this in mind.

If your SaaS titles are being billed on a daily rate, and then not being used (and not likely to be used in the future), then this is money you are literally throwing away.  M365 by Microsoft is a classic case in point:  If we take a step back, and see how companies look to manage down-sizing, they will typically look at the wage bill as a variable cost that could be shrunk through redundancy.  How many of those redundancies though, result in the cancellation of the M365 subscriptions for those former staff members?  And such an absence of looking after M365 doesn’t have to be sponsored by Covid; through the natural wax and wane of Joiners, Movers and Leavers going through a client of ours, 6,000 extra subscriptions resulted in a demand of £1M – and these were dead/ ghost accounts.

This is not down to Microsoft to manage – they don’t know your head count!

Business Software Centre

The rapid scale with which this can run into seven or even eight figures with a company is scary indeed.  To that end, SAM Charter is delighted to announce a new service of one of its most trusted business partners (Business Software Centre) that helps to report on what Lean IT for M365 and a host of other SaaS subscriptions should look like for your company.

Not only will this self-service utility report on non-usage, but also on the most appropriate version an end user should be aligned to based on current usage.  Such a utility extends beyond M365 to other SaaS products – the opportunity to right-size your IT estate has never been more pressing.

If you would like to reach out to friends at BSC, then please email:

And they would be delighted to set you up with a free 14-day trial of Smarter SaaS.

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