SAM Charter Process Kit

SAM Charter Process Kit – Introduction:

You’ve bought the SAM suite and you have the staff in place.  Connectors have been added to report on your as-a-service software.  Yet software vendor audits seem as painful as ever, and the CFO is complaining because uncontrolled as-a-service software is bleeding money; impacting the bottom line.  At this point, your SAM suite is nothing more than a barometer for SAM health.
To bridge that gap between your SAM Team, your SAM suite and the rest of the business, you need integrated SAM processes that tick the boxes of your SAM requirements, but also look to serve the wider needs of IT and the business.  The SAM Charter Process Kit provides you with 35 processes modelled in ARIS, that can be customised via MS Visio. The contents of which can be seen below:

HAM – Table of Contents

SAM – Table of Contents

SAM Charter Process Kit – Benefits:

The primary benefits of obtaining the SAM Charter Process Kit is that you will be starting from a position of best practice.  The processes have been designed off the back of world-class industry experience from the authors.  You’ll also benefit from the amount of time you save if you had to create these processes from scratch.  Additionally, these process kits can be edited – so if you do require the addition of extra steps or personnel including in the process maps, then you are just an installation of MS Visio away from making those changes.  Finally, you will be getting extreme value!  Two publications: one focused on software asset management, and the other focused on hardware asset management – you can bring world-class ITAM to your organisation through the execution of these processes.

SAM Charter Process – Advantages:

By purchasing the SAM Charter Process Kit, you will rapidly start to address the business and IT needs of your business – The Corporate Governance Process will help clarify these for you.  Furthermore, you will be saving yourself huge amounts of time.  A case in point:  The design and approval of 15 processes took 11 months for a global organisation – you have 35 ready-to-go processes and qualifying text out of the box!  Additionally, by following the SAM Charter Process Kit approach, you will be able to quickly identify the stakeholders who need to be engaged in your SAM processes, and to what degree they should be engaged.  Head over to our whitepapers page to download our SAM Starter File to access a free RACI Chart based on the templated processes in the kit.
Finally, you will be creating a SAM system!  All of our processes inter-link, so you will be able to see the dependencies of the data flow from one process to the next.  Want to see what such a system might look like?  Head over to our whitepapers page once more, and download our Template SAM Eco-System pdf.  You will not get anything like this from any other SAM practice!
Don’t delay – get better ITAM today!

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