Centrepoint – Rowing for Charity

Centrepoint – Rowing for Charity: Nobody say mid-life crisis!  As ever, a New Year rolls around and pledges of fitness pop up like a tray of Ferrero Rocher that just beg to be eaten before the in-laws visit and I can’t get the custard creams out fast enough to protect my nutty/ chocolate stash!

When it comes to such New Year’s resolutions of fitness, I have the breaking strain of a KitKat (worth looking up the RN reference for that explanation). 2020 has had a knack of highlighting how the most vulnerable in society skirt so closely to greater misery and suffering than we should reasonably tolerate.

To that end, I decided I would row 1 million metres for Centrepoint:  A UK-based charity which seeks to help homeless youngsters in our major cities.  I’ve experienced a few tough scrapes in my life, but nothing compared to not having a roof over my head – the mere thought scares me rigid.  I’ve created a Just Giving page with the goal of raising £5,000 in 2021.  While I appreciate this is a surreal time to be seeking donations, if you do have the odd £5 or £10 you could donate then I would be very grateful.


Centrepoint – Rowing for Charity



  1. Good Luck with this Rory. I did not know you were a fellow concept rower! Thinking of supporting Centrepoint as well! You have motivated me!!!!

  2. So, a quick update: just in case anyone thought this might be a flash in the pan, I have clocked up 32 days worth of rowing as of 23rd Feb – which equates to 160,000 metres. My flanks are decidedly trimmer and I can feel the strength in my shoulders returning. I did have something of a five-day break, partly through injury and partly because I wasn’t feeling it. However, I’m happy to report that the rowing buzz is back about me 🙂

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