ITAM Accelerate – So what’s it all about?

ITAM Accelerate – Taking ITAM Coaching to the Next Level

Some years ago, Kylie Fowler approached me with the great idea of creating a Hardware Asset Management Process kit that could augment the SAM kit already on offer.  So we combined our experiences and created 12 processes every organisation should give regard to in managing their hardware.

About the same time, I was also going through a “LinkedIn Domination” course with the wonderful Melonie Dodaro which sought to guide participants through the joys of winning new and repeat business via LinkedIn.

There was something quite refreshing about having someone hold me to task.  This sparked the idea in my head about doing something similar with the process kit.  I mentioned this idea to Kylie, and hey presto: ITAM Accelerate was born.

Meanwhile, we also decided to re-write the SAM Process kit, so that it would be easier to align ITAM frameworks to the new ISO 19770-1: 2017 Standard.

What started out as an idea that I could get a few people on a Zoom call(!) has been rigorously re-worked in to an LMS platform with world-class processes, using Learnworlds and Mural to enhance the collegiate experience of having many people from different companies contribute to their experience and learning of ITAM.

ITAM Accelerate – What makes us different?

Primarily, we had noticed that many opportunities existed to learn about:

  • Software vendor licensing
  • SAM suites
  • Foundation-Level SAM

But nothing existed in the marketplace to help IT professionals take their SAM/ ITAM practitioner knowledge to the next level.  We were also mindful that we didn’t just offer a “Death by PowerPoint” experience.  This is why we chose Mural and Learnworlds as a method of lesson delivery.

ITAM Accelerate – Want to know more?

We’re really keen to see what ITAM professionals can do with the slices of the process kits we have created.  We would welcome direct engagement from you via our website. Equally, if you have preferred suppliers then please get in touch with me ([email protected]) to discuss which resellers we contract with.

NB:  Are you a vendor that is lacking deep-dive ITAM training as part of your service portfolio? Reach out today via:  [email protected] to see how we can augment your ITAM services.

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