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In the world of ServiceNow ™, SAM Pro is a major weapon in the fight for good IT management.   SAM Pro can act as a filter on what data and CI’s should reside within your CMDB, the pathways of communication between the two have to be forged through process engineering.  This is why we created Workflow Analyzer.

As a consultant, I’m constantly told how “our IT situation is unique”.  My inner eyebrows raise somewhat at that expression, but where the differences do exist, is not in the goals, but rather in the path used to reach those goals.  And those paths are the workflows that bind SAM Pro to the ServiceNow ™ technology suite.

SAM Charter have spent the last 9 years flag-waving for the merits of processes within SAM: Your SAM Suite does not cure you of SAM, it merely diagnoses you have a problem that needs resolving.  Deducing what that problem is from a red or black figure at the bottom of a compliance report is a stone-wall impossibility.  The resolution lies in either:

  • In-action (nothing is being done)
  • Bad-action (the wrong thing is being done)

Directing humans to do the right thing is a tough job!  Our inner child hates to be told what to do!

Behavioural guard rails can limit those “toys out of the pram” moments, and that’s where we applaud ServiceNow ™ for uniting technology and process.  SAM Charter’s Workflow Analyzer is based on 13 years’ experience of SAM, going back to the first iteration of ISO19770-1.

But those workflows do not come out of the box…..

Workflow Analyzer – Features

By engaging with SAM Charter best practice SAM can be mingled with your workflow engineering.  This will provide a crystal-clear understanding of what practices are in place, alongside what workflows are outstanding.  An on-line assessment can be divided among many areas of the business to determine the best answers to the questions posed.  Fundamental to good SAM is aligning your workflows to the business and IT goals that should sit at the heart of your CMDB.  This permits your IT services (and their technology stacks) to fan out like the segments on a dartboard.  We capture this, so as to keep workflow engineering aligned to the business and IT goals that are critical to IT strategic and operational success.

Workflow Analyzer – Benefits

By using Workflow Analyzer, you will be guided by SAM Charter’s many years of experience in best-practice ITAM.  The outcomes of ITAM are often shared among companies, the pathways to those outcomes are where the differences in ITAM occur. The Workflow Analyzer tool (and resultant analysis) is where the differences in those methodologies will be highlighted and built upon.  Our report is broken down so that it offers value to the C-Suite, the Project Manager and ITAM practitioners, reflecting how SAM & ITAM glides between organizational strategy and operations.

Workflow Analyzer – Advantages

Operational analysis of ITAM activities and workflows adopts a CMMI-aligned approach to maturity; thereby weeding out the nuances of subjective interpretation.  Very quickly, it can be determined whether knowledge management forms the heartbeat of your SAM/ ITAM solution.

The report generation is automated.  You are not paying a consultant to burn valuable time crafting a quality report.

The engagement is customisable.  As a partner if you have enquiries to make around topics like Service Management, then these can be added.

The experience is repeatable and systematic; thereby supporting annual reviews to ensure that an organization is not slipping backwards with their SAM/ ITAM efforts.


If fast-tracking your SAM Pro workflow analysis and implementation sounds like something you and your company needs, then email [email protected] – we would love to hear from you.  Equally, reach out to our founding consultant (Rory Canavan) on LinkedIn.

If partnering with SAM Charter to redeliver the Workflow Analyzer experience would add a nice value-add to your wider ServiceNow ™ offerings, then email [email protected] – we need to talk!

And if SAM best-practice is your thing, then head over to our ISO 19770-1: 2017 run-through to pick up the nuggets that the Standard won’t instantly reveal.

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