ITAM Accelerate & Licenseware

ITAM Accelerate & Licenseware

Some timely news I can share about our collaboration with the great team at Licenseware is that our first app:  The Supported Software Catalogue is now live:

Too often, we ignore the IT asset lifecycle and its interaction required with a SAM suite. Step 1 in rectifying this is the Supported Software Catalog app.  The Licenseware app lets you customise the content of a catalogue based upon a user’s role.  You can even create your own catalogue – handy for those pesky IT projects that want autonomy.

This is step one in our world-famous Bermuda Triangle of SAM:  What’s requested, is what is paid for, and what is paid for is what is installed.  Finally, what is installed, is what was requested.

If you would like to see more, the media gurus at Licenseware have put together a handy 2 min explainer video

Do you use ServiceNow?  Want something out of the box to offer to your end users to select software?  We can help.

So what’s next?

I was winding down this Friday, taking care of odd emails and the occasional message on LinkedIn, when Chris Allen from Licenseware messaged me to ask “Can you share the rest of the ITAM Accelerate Process Kit with me?”  The floodgates are open ladies and gentlemen!  Think of all those procedures that you have to complete manually only to have them coded in dynamic apps!

What you need to do next:

I want you to head over the ITAM Accelerate Process Kit page, and have a look at some of the many processes we have modelled in ARIS.  Which process do you want to see created as an app next?  Let me know!  Email me at: [email protected]  and entitle the email:  “Our Next App”.  If ITAM Accelerate have modelled it, Licenseware can code it!

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