ITAM Accelerate & Licenseware: A New Hope

ITAM Accelerate & Licenseware – A New Hope: People might call it “The Force”, others might suggest a certain commercial gravity is in place.  Whatever the name, this half of ITAM Accelerate is proud to announce that we have signed the first of many agreements with Licenseware.

Alex, Ciprian and Chris approached Kylie and I some months ago – their idea:  Let’s do away with the sledgehammer of a SAM Suite and unpick the challenge that is SAM with precision-coded apps.

A New Hope:

Their own expertise has resulted in numerous quality Oracle-based apps.  However, a more holistic view of SAM saw them arrive at ITAM Accelerate’s door.  This came about in no small part because of our completing the ISO 19770-1 Process Kit.

I’m flattered that Licenseware saw value in the posts that ITAM Accelerate has been promoting over the last year.  This will be an exciting venture, taking our IP from the classroom to the heart of the IT estate.

First on the agenda is the creation and maintenance of a Supported Software Catalogue.  Asking organisations to generate an ELP is hard enough.  However, asking them to gather the data to support the use-cases around a software lifecycle is a major challenge.

The plan is to build an app that supports the definitive list of software necessary to run an IT estate.  We will be providing a catalogue that integrates with ServiceNow, but the export function will accommodate other products over time.  If you would like to inform the development roadmap of this app, please get in touch.

The Ask:

To gain a better understanding of why this app would be so important to your organisation, then head over to our whitepapers page. This is where we have a paper on this very topic. Aligning your maturity curve to an SSC is a great way to show the business what good SAM looks like.

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