Gartner ITAM Event – London (11th-12th Sept 2013)

Gartner ITAM Event – London (11th-12th Sept 2013): I have just spent two days at the Gartner ITAM event at the Westminster Plaza, London.  The sensory highlight had to be the evening hospitality laid on by Snow Software and with their servings of alcoholic sorbets and ice creams – I could have happily spent all night at the baileys ice cream mixing bowl just armed with a spoon!

I didn’t get to attend too many of the presentations (and that was nothing to do with the ice cream!) but presentations worth a mention included the Virtual Desktop licensing presentation offered by Nathan Hill, (Gartner) the BYOD Lessons from the field presentation by David Willis (Gartner) and the “Procure Software Licences with Confidence” presentation by Steve Waugh (License Dashboard) which I understand set a new record for attendance (well done Steve!)

With the state of the IT Asset Management/ Software Asset Management market being what it is, it is very difficult to demonstrate a concept or approach that is new or unique; after all everyone is essentially seeking the most painless way to match installs to licences in the most cost-effective manner but with a quality of service that does not adversely impact IT operations (if anything, good Software Asset Management should improve IT operations, but that’s a sidebar).  However, to my mind, one company that stands out in its goals and message is that of Rimini Street. The team on the day was headed up by Peter Harris and a 30 minute presentation was given by Hari Candadai – Hari highlighted that Rimini Street will offer 3rd party support and maintenance on SAP and Oracle titles at 50% less than the standard fees the software vendors typically charge (Additionally, Rimini Street will tailor the support to the clients requirements)

What really appeals to me about this as a Software Asset Management advocate is that the proposition makes a company stop and think for a moment, and ask the following questions:

  • Do we really need to be constantly upgrading our software merely to say we have the latest and greatest software installed? And;
  • Are their tangible business benefits to be derived from the update of software?

And let’s not forget, this software is called cutting/bleeding edge for a reason – no amount of testing in the lab will work out 100% of the kinks and bugs that a live deployment will potentially unearth.

An N-1 or even N-2 software release strategy could not only save you money, but also save you support pain.

Thanks to all of those at Gartner who set up the Gartner ITAM Event – London (11th-12th Sept 2013).  It was great two days.

To make a lightning head-start on your own SAM efforts, then head over to our “SAM and the Bigger Picture” page – the last chapter will rock your SAM world!

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