SAM Process Maturity Assessment

SAM Process Maturity Assessment; “People, Systems and Processes”, and this is the mantra that is the foundation for Software Asset Management (and, indeed many other IT projects and programmes).

The world of Software Asset Management abounds with many products/systems offering increasing levels of discovery, analytics and reporting.  However, fundamental to the capability of any one system to provide the data required to make informed business decisions, is the understanding of how to derive that data, and then what to do with it once it has been verified as trustworthy.

The process side of life in Software Asset Management is often sadly neglected, which only serves to undermine the longevity of any implementation of a Software Asset Management system and make any Software Asset Management programme look like a drain on already meagre resources.

Thankfully, though, help is at hand – Here at SAM Charter we appreciate that you don’t wish to re-invent the wheel with your Software Asset Management processes, and perhaps the nirvana of a dynamic Software Asset Management system is not in the best or most immediate interests of your company.

Our SAM Process Maturity Assessment will benchmark where you are, and what you need to do to achieve an evolutionary approach to managing your software assets throughout their lifecycle.  Our 100-question survey grades your responses in line with the tiered approach ISO 19770-1: 2012 advocates, and so offers you a candid assessment of what you need to achieve to ensure your Software Asset Management Programme delivers against your IT and Business goals (another aspect of Software Asset Management that is often overlooked).


Take the opportunity now to conduct a 20 question (light) version of the on-line survey and have a report sent to you via email upon completion:

We look forward to helping you progress.


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  1. Your process of maturity assessment blog is very informative blog. It is very nice and awesome. It is very helpful for everyone. Thanks you for putting out so much useful information for others.

    1. Thank you for feedback Matthew; but please don’t post links on this blog back to your own website without prior permission.

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