Partner Profile: Levy LeGette

Partner Profile: Levy LeGette
How long has your company been in SAM? 22 Years
Area of Focus/ Specialism(s):
Software License Negotiations
What is the biggest change you’ve seen in SAM since you started in this discipline?
There were no SAM disciplines or practices worthy of mention in the 1990s when I was responsible for Global IT Acquisitions, Negotiations & Vendor Management for one of the largest US Banks. I struggled trying to convince business leaders that the “inventory” systems for hardware were not enough to ensure license compliance. Now, compliance is but one facet of SAM and more enterprise licensees realize that their internal structure and staff are not fully qualified to engineer and implement an effective SAM Process. They are not aware that corporate policies and procedures may change or that operationally, many business units may be “inconvenienced” which may create even further resistance in adopting needed changes. Buy-in from the top is necessary, as SAM will and should impact operational objectives.
What gives you the greatest satisfaction about being in SAM?
Seeing the development of today’s offerings and knowing that vendor dictates may no longer define “industry standards” which the courts look to in order to adjudicate disputes relating to license compliance.
If you could change one aspect of SAM, what would it be?
A C-level’s resistance to acknowledge that his/her staff aren’t 100% able to accomplish the engineering and implementation of a system that will work. Also, getting an enterprise to understand that a discovery tool is an element in attaining SAM process success, and not the solution to their operational success.  This is the message I wish was more easily understood.

How could someone contact you if they wish to discuss a SAM-related issue?
By email: [email protected]
Tel: +01 518 281 4700
Skype: anialevy_llg
LinkedIn: Profile: Levy Legette

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