Fantasy Football League 2019/20

SAM Charter All Stars


I just got that email reminding me that we are only 7 weeks away from the start of the new soccer season in the UK.  To our cousins over the pond separated by a common language, this could be viewed as more important than Brexit:  Imagine a sport that combined Baseball, NFL and the NBA in terms of excitement and fan frenzy – that’s soccer in the UK for you!

Fantasy Football League

For those arm-chair critics who kick every ball and shout abuse at referees for questionable decisions, another outlet has been created for our inner-Ronaldo:  namely, a Fantasy Football League.  Here you can create a fictional team based upon the players in the Premier League, and compete against others who have done the same.

This year, SAM Charter has set up its own league:  The SAM Charter All Stars.  You too, can join in the fun and for the winner of the league, a prize!  £500 to a registered charity of their choice (so no donations will be made to the beleaguered SAM consultant society!)

Please go to the link below to register and create your team:

And then use code:  fkqq57 to join our league

7 thoughts on “Fantasy Football League 2019/20”

    1. Thanks Austin, and congratulations! I’ve just emailed you now, so hopefully we can get on board with getting a donation to a charity of your choice.

  1. Dear SAM Charter ALL Stars

    I competed in your 2019/20 Fantasy Football League and really enjoyed it.
    I was top of the table for most of the season but got overhauled by second place when he played chips for four consecutive weeks.
    Is there a prize for second place as I would love to contribute to the local RNLI as they rescued me recently?.

    If not I would love to try again next season.

    1. Hi Harry,

      Exceptionally we have made a runner-up donation of £100 to the RNLI. We’ll be sure to split the prize money more evenly next season 🙂


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