ITAM Review Wisdom 2023

ITAM Review – Wisdom 2023. It seems like forever since I gave you a glimpse behind the curtain to the world of SAM Charter!

The crew at ITAM Review were kind enough to provide me with a speaking slot at this year’s Wisdom Conference. As Kylie and I invested a considerable chunk of our lives refreshing the ITAM Accelerate Process Kit, I thought I would make this the crux of the presentation:

SAM, Processes, LISA & Your top 3 candidates for process automation

I know – it just trips off the tongue!

Since the kit was crafted, we have also joined forces with ITAM Review to provide LISA subscribers with a “lite” version of the kit. We picked 15 processes and walk-throughs (available in PDF form only) to provide a kick-start to businesses to get the best from their ITAM solutions.

The trick with automation is to find those systems which house data, that when blended together provide instant value to a business. The answers to the question of which systems to choose are often driven by necessity.  If one tool could do it all, then we wouldn’t need automation!

I will be presenting on day one at 2:05pm (14th June).  It would be great to have you along, particularly if you are newly signed up to LISA.

As for the venue, I am more a fan of football than I am of rugby.  This goes back to a time at school when I would be on the wing, and by the time the ball had made it to me, so had the scrum!


Unfortunately, my beloved Derby County fell at the final hurdle this season. However, in honour of my Irish roots, I will be wearing an Irish Rugby top for the event.  After all, sync’d up Grand Slam winners and World No.1 status doesn’t come along very often!

If you aren’t able to make the conference, then you can head over to our whitepapers page.  Download our Five best Practice Processes PDF to get a head start on building a quality ITAM solution.


Irish Rugby Top
ITAM Review Wisdom 2023

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