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Automated ITAM & SAM Charter

Scaling ITAM operations in an enterprise organisation requires more than just a fast pair of hands at a keyboard.  Ensuring that company staff operate in a manner that supports your ITAM and business objectives could do with calling upon wizard-like powers! Staff are too often attracted to take short cuts, ignoring protocols that make your… Continue reading Automated ITAM & SAM Charter

SAM Charter – C-Suite Cheat Sheet

C-Suite Cheat Sheet   Aligning business and IT goals to those of your SAM/ ITAM implementation will be pivotal to long-lasting success. Securing that buy-in from those in authority will be that much easier with this pdf of tips and tricks at your disposal.

Template SAM Eco-System

The template SAM eco-system is an A1-sized pdf that demonstrates the inter-linking of the SAM processes as described in the ITAM Accelerate Process Kit.  The eco-system is available in English, Spanish, German and now French! Huge thanks to Kristen Springer of for the German Translation of our Eco-System. Huge thanks also has to go… Continue reading Template SAM Eco-System

An ARIS stencil suitable for use in MS Visio

This new stencil has been refreshed in light of our work on the ITAM Accelerate Process Kit.  It has cleaner lines, with easier to understand decision points. (X, OR, AOR).

Using SAM to Create & Maintain your CMDB

Food for thought on how best to implement scalable and consistent SAM, while leveraging a CMDB to facilitate the IT lifecycle. Stood alone, disciplines like the discussed SAM, APM, ITSM and HR will get so far, but combined, they make for a powerful and compelling direction in which to take IT operations.

SAM Charter Global Report 2018

This report is a review of the building blocks that support effective SAM, so that when costs and calculations are called for, the SAM/ITAM function can provide such data in good faith and to a high degree of accuracy in a timely and systematic fashion.

SAM Starter File

To help you get started, we have several free downloads for you: Take advantage of these free downloads which will help you with your software and IT asset management. Please click on the image to view: Software Asset Management Project Mindmap: This mindmap is offered as a kick-start to your Software Asset Management programme/project to… Continue reading SAM Starter File

The value of Processes in SAM…..

Do you find that you lurch from one software vendor audit to the next? Is valuable evidence being placed behind impenetrable walls created by staff who (wrongly) believe you can’t see contracts because it would breach confidentiality clauses?