Do you have a SAM System?

Do you have a SAM System? In a recent series of emails, I was presented with the notion that the SAM Process Maturity Assessment Platform we have at SAM Charter was very difficult to align to the features of a particular SAM suite (humph!).

And this got me to thinking about SAM and the state of the marketplace in the general – within the UK, the market has grown over the last four or five years on the belief that a SAM suite is the whole solution.  I don’t know anyone that professes themselves to be a Michelin-star chef solely based on the fact that they own a cooker – but somehow, that logic is good enough for the world of SAM!

Perhaps we need to re-visit the concept of systems: and we need to look no further than to the world of ISO.  Within ISO, there are series of standards that look to create and maintain Management Systems – these management systems address a variety of topics, from Quality Assurance (ISO 9001) Environment Management (14001) and Information Security (27001 et al).  Indeed, ISO 19770-1 (for good old SAM processes) has gone through its latest re-write with a view to Setting up a Software Asset Management System, and should be due for public release in the next 12 months or so.

What all of these standards have in common is that they address the primary and secondary goals of an over-arching system and through processes, point the technology to address the problems the system seeks to resolve.  They do not prescribe an approach of installing technology and then seeing what features and benefits of the software can be bent to solve a systems issue.

Why am I rabbiting on like this?!

SAM Charter has taken the time to create a SAM Template Eco-System.  Based on the 23 SAM processes we have already modeled in our Process kit we have created an A1 sheet demonstrating the data-flows from a Corporate Governance Process (which seeks to define business & IT risk) right down to a Software Disposal Process, which is used to purge software from an IT estate.

A point to note:  The connectors between the processes follow a given logic as to why processes should be connected; it could be that your IT estate demands new connectors, or even new processes.  This is no bad thing, but recognizing this is a challenge that merely installing technology will not address.

The SAM Template Eco-System is available (for free) from our whitepapers page.

If you would like help bridging the gap between business/ IT expectations and SAM technologies then email today: [email protected].

We can turn your SAM suite into a SAM solution.

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