Welcome to SAM Charter!

Rory Canavan, SAM Charter
Rory Canavan, SAM Charter

Hi all, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Rory Canavan and I have been occupying various jobs in the Software Asset Management arena for over five years.

A combination of circumstance and opportunity has led me to go it alone, and found my own company: SAM Charter – I hope you like….

For now, I think an introduction to how I propose to develop SAM Charter as a business wouldn’t be the worst idea ever, and the best way I can think to do that is to qualify some of the primary headings of the website:


Well, you’re reading this, so you must have found it somehow!  I will be dropping in weekly updates on my life/time/experience in Software Asset Management.  Some of these articles will be profound; others might border on the right side of light-hearted 😉 But I will do my best to try and make sure whatever I write has some bearing on the world of Software Asset Management.


Their seems to be a dearth of training in the world of Software Asset Management, and so it is my intention to develop courses around the holy-trinity of Software Asset Management with the following courses –

  • “People Safe”  This one-day course will include the primary aspects of human interaction in regards to Software Asset Management, including licensing, people management, expectation setting, and managing a Software Asset Management system
  • “Process Safe”  This one-day course will look at the means by which you analyse, create and embed your processes – not forgetting the all-important aspects of reviewing your processes once they have been implemented (as per the best-practice principles advocated by the Deming cycle)
  • “System Safe” This one-day course will seek to deep-dive on the varying aspects you will need to consider when looking at the technical requirements that have to be reviewed when choosing systems to implement within your organisation.

Software Asset Management Maturity Assessment

In line with ISO 19770-1: 2012, this on-line (payable) service is due to go live imminently; and will help you assess where you are on the Software Asset Management maturity ladder, and how far up you wish to climb.



This is a list of articles I have written (both past and present) and handily enough, underneath that we have the Downloads page.  This page has 3 documents that will help you kick-start your Software Asset Management programme (A Mind map, a RACI Chart and a Senior Management Presentation – please feel free to download and modify to your own unique requirements)


If pure Software Asset Management serves a wider IT purpose, and you wish to engage further external help, please feel free to contact one of our partners.

I am all about networking and engagement – so please feel free to add me on Linkedin or on Twitter.

Link to Partners Page

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