SAM Charter is pleased to offer a concentrated Software Asset Management experience that will help qualify your SAM goals, and provide you with clear and actionable reports from which you can springboard your SAM/ITAM programme.

Our two-day SAM Surgery is comprised of an on-site engagement that seeks to offer analysis on your SAM strengths and weaknesses and align your business and IT goals to Software Asset Management.

Day one starts with our best-in-class SAM Process Maturity Assessment; where we will analyse your existing processes with microscopic precision.  In the afternoon we then review the findings of the assessment, and highlight which of those processes are going to give you greatest value to tackle first.

Day two begins with a run-through of 15 pre-selected ITAM processes of your choosing, so that you know what good looks like.  Then taking the findings from day one, we highlight where your short-term objectives sit within its correct process-position.

After our SAM Surgery, every client knows where they stand with the discipline and the path they need to walk to a safer and more cost-effective IT environment; armed with best-in-class collateral from SAM Charter.

For a very small level of investment, I have
never seen such a sizeable positive change in IT.
— IT Director, London University

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BEST-IN-CLASS ANALYSIS: SAM Charter’s SAM Process Maturity Assessment has been…