SAM Surgery




Our two-day SAM Surgery comprises an on-line engagement that offers analysis on your SAM strengths and weaknesses and aligns your business and IT goals to best-in-class Software Asset Management.

Having taken your organisation through a detailed analysis of your SAM process status using a CMMI-inspired methodology, we then analyze the shortfalls, scoring them in a short, medium and long-term fashion.  This provides your organisation with a roadmap of maturity against which to align your efforts.

Day two has you choosing a top-tier of processes that we take you through, using our world-class ITAM Accelerate Process Kit. Here we map the unique aspects of your business workflows, and how those nuances will be weaved into the best-in-class processes on display.

As a round up, any processes that were highlighted as short-term on day one that weren’t covered by the morning run-through, are covered off to ensure immediate gaps can be worked upon.  Finally, you receive your own copy of the ITAM Accelerate Process Kit to customise and implement as you see fit.

SAM Surgery – Features:

  • A dynamic and objective ITAM maturity assessment
  • A stealthy assessment review helping to plot your ITAM roadmap
  • World-class processes to support your unique SAM/ ITAM solution
  • Guidance and support from an industry-leading expert in this esoteric topic


  • SAM Charter brings objectivity and independence to the table – we are not sellers of software
  • We are agile in our business dealings, and can accommodate an on line or in-person delivery
  • Our process kit is aligned to ISO 19770-1: 2017; you start from a position of best-practice
  • SAM Charter will advise which independent partner in the SAM ecosphere can help you further (if needed)
  • The Process Kit supports the educational work of our sister-company:  ITAM Accelerate


  • Our maturity assessment can be taken in multiple languages; if a global data gathering exercise is required we can flex to those needs
  • By the end of the engagement, you have a world-class maturity model to rely on supported by suggested KPIs to measure performance
  • The SAM Surgery is technology agnostic; the process kit works around whichever technologies you have in place
  • This engagement will not break five-figures and easily delivers ahead of the Big-Four ITAM consultancies
  • The SAM Surgery is ideally placed to support process automation of SAM


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