It’s official – SAM Charter has its first Evangelist!


It’s official – SAM Charter has its first Evangelist!

As if her ringing endorsement wasn’t enough, Janet Coetzee (see previous blog) was kind enough to model this year’s latest fashion must-have(!) whilst posing with the latest copy of the SAM Process Kit – thank you Janet! A 2016 fashion calendar beckons, surely?! We haven’t quite started selling merch/ swag just yet(!) but you are very welcome to head to our whitepapers page and download some free quality content!

And if that wasn’t enough and you wanted to hear Janet speak, then head over to our videos page where she does an excellent job of narrating some of our processes. This is the first time I have ever heard a South African and not sat up to attention! 😉

April 2023 – Update:

I’m delighted to announce that after a collaboration with Kylie Fowler of ITAM Intelligence, a new brand has been created in the ITAM space – namely:  ITAM Accelerate Here you will find some 44 ITAM processes (32 SAM, 12 HAM) and one use-case of a Software Vendor Audit Process built into a compendium of quality workflows.  Crafted using the ARIS process design methodology and saved in MS Visio, the processes are ideal for any organisation wishing to progress their ITAM maturity.  As a sidebar, we are seeing particular interest from organisations who have bought ServiceNow SAMPro, but then discover that the workflows between SAMPro and the ServiceNow CMDB don’t ship with the product.

To read up on how the ITAM Accelerate Process Kit can bolster your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) head over to the link in this sentence.  45 workflows for less than the price of one day of a SAM consultant’s time! ITAM best-practice as offered in the kit has just saved you at least £45K.


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