The Ego has landed!

Despite me asking in a post on LinkedIn for people not to nominate me for ITAM Professional of the Year, I got nominated – and to top it off, I then won!

Next week, I’ll be putting a post on LinkedIn for people not to give me £10 Million, a yacht in the Caribbean and several villas about the globe to sail between!

My sincerest thanks has to go to the judging panel of the ITAM Review Awards, the day-release patient on strong medication who nominated me(!) and to the fellow nominees for their good will and bonhomie offered once the award had been announced.

Of course, the evening wasn’t all about me (no, really, it wasn’t!) and so several rounds of applause have to go to:

No man is an island, unless he is very large and surrounded by water – so I would like to offer my personal thanks to:

Kylie Fowler of ITAM Intelligence
Ania Levy of Levy Legette
Matt Ward of Softcat
Gillian Leicester and Tony Crawley of Synyega
Janet Coetzee of IAG (NZ)
David Foxen of Johnson Matthey
Matt Fisher of Snow Software

Thank you all for making the last 12 months so bearable – particularly after a 2016 I would rather forget.

So, what’s next?  Buoyed by this success, I fancy having a stab at Innovation of the Year – all I need to do now is find a SAM tool company who is serious about SAM processes and their value (how hard could that be?!)

3 thoughts on “The Ego has landed!”

  1. Congratulations Rory! You’ve worked hard to earn this honor. I’m glad I was able to share the time with you on the night you received the award. Do I see foil embossed seals in your future?

  2. So after 12 months of maintaining a holding pattern over Bracknell, I’ve eventually come to the conclusion I’m going to have to do this for myself. Stay tuned folks, there’s a revolution coming!

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