Call for Partners – SAM Process Maturity Assessment

Call for Partners – SAM Process Maturity Assessment: SAM Charter is pleased to announce the completion of a world-class partner-friendly Software Asset Management Process Maturity Assessment.

Best-practice Software Asset Management has been inter-woven with core elements of ISO 19770-1 to give you the chance to offer your end users surgical analysis of their Software Asset Management operations, thereby increasing the chances of Software Asset Management success regardless of the tool-sets involved.

Features of the platform include:

  • Personalisation of the report
  • The capability to add your own Software Asset Management related questions
  • A bulk-upload capability to invite multiple clients in one go
  • A 20-question “freemium” version which can be used as a marketing initiative
  • Automated report generation
  • “Loop in a friend” – if the end user doesn’t know the answer to a question, then that question can be forwarded on to someone in the company who will know the answer.
  • International Language versions – Starting with UK English, Spanish will soon be added as an option, followed by US English, French, German and Portuguese
  • Blended reports – offering the option of vendor-specific licensing questions to be linked into the core report
  • Support from SAM Charter in finding new clients to take the Maturity Assessment

The platform can be used as an initial assessment as part of a Software Asset Management requirements definition, and as an integral part of continuous improvement and bench-marking to ensure clients are not straying from the principles and strategies an original Software Asset Management engagement was seeking to achieve – In short, your clients should be thinking of taking this assessment more than once.

Process work in SAM should not be deemed a “nice to have” – it is a necessity if strategic value is to be demonstrated by and for your clients.

To arrange a demonstration of the platform or to discuss any questions you might have, please email us at: [email protected]

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  1. I commend The SAM Charter for putting together such a robust assessment tool. The output from the assessment is a comprehensive report that clearly demonstrates areas of strength and areas in need of improvement for all aspects of the SAM discipline. The assessment itself provides adequate descriptors of each question posed, nicely done. The resultant report is easy to analyse and granular enough to enable an organisation to build a roadmap towards ITAM/SAM maturity and effectively removing doubt on the starting point if an organisation has not had any documented SAM/ITAM program in place. Frankly the consequence for disregarding or underestimating the value of a robust ITAM/SAM program is the same – legal, financial, reputational etc. The assessment applies to any industry and organisation of any size and is system-agnostic. Completion of this assessment and the output will certainly serve as a wake up call to any organisation that lacks the basic processes for effective software asset management. However, for organisations who have attained a high level of maturity in the SAM/ITAM space, I suspect it would be a pleasant and trustworthy source of affirmation that they’ve got their SAM/ITAM ducks lined up nicely.

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