BWFC and SAM Charter

Bolton Wanderers Football Club

Bolton Wanderers Football Club & SAM Charter

Would you believe my childhood ambitions became a reality when a football club recently came knocking on my door?! Before I completely run away with myself, Bolton Wanderers Football Club were looking for sponsorship.

I had one or two footballing moments in my youth, but sadly these were largely in keeping with the lighting of the Olympic Flame!

And sure enough, the SAM Charter banner featured pitch-side last Saturday when Bolton secured a rousing 1-0 win over Stevenage.

My congratulations to the team and staff @officialBWFC this weekend; I hope this is the first of many wins this season, alongside the support SAM Charter can offer.

My thanks too, to all the crew at Eleven Sport Media for making this happen.

BWFC and SAM Charter
Bolton vs. Stevenage 13th Feb 2021

A full match report can be found here at the club website

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